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Dharma Bums in Boudha

December 5, 2009: Bodinath, Nepal Just a few miles east of Kathmandu there is a town called Boudha. A place like no other, Boudha is home to a large population of exiled Tibetans and monks and devout Buddhists who live by the Buddha’s teachings. The greatest thing about this town is the spiritual vibe in […]

Deep Breath post-Annapurna Circuit

December 3, 2009: Pohkara For the past month my life has been very simple. All I do everyday is eat, walk, and sleep. I’ve been on an adventure through the Himalayan mountains, hiking the amazing “Annapurna Circuit” and on up to Annapurna Base Camp. This famed adventure leads trekkers through some of Nepal’s most diverse […]

Lesson on Non-Attachment

December 1, 2009: Pohkara On the final morning of my month-long journey through the Himalayas, I was laying in bed flipping through the hundreds of photos I’d taken. Each image would make me smile as I recalled the extraordinary views from the top of the world, the eye-opening cultural experiences, the fun spontaneous moments, and […]

On Meditation and Karma

November 28, 2009: Day 22 of Circuit Last night, the backdrop for my afternoon coffee and sunshine lounge was some of the most specular scenery I have ever witnessed. The mountains at the Annapurna Base Camp left a magical imprint on my mind. In stark contrast, tonight I am at one of the most strangely […]

Thanksgiving up at Annapurna Base Camp

November 26, 2009: Day 20? of Circuit I awoke nervous this morning, realizing I didn’t know what day it was and fearing that Thanksgiving had passed me by unobserved.  After asking several people, however, i finally found someone who knew what day it was. It was Thursday, Thanksgiving Day.  I smiled when I learned this […]

Blessed Sunshine in Kalopani

November 20th 2009: Day 15 There has been such extraodinary contrast between the 1st and 2nd halves of the circuit. After crossing the Thorong La pass, many see the 2nd half as a largely featureless dusty walk back to Pokhara. Many either take a bus back or, better yet, take a plane. For many of […]

Crazy Wind and Cereal Party in Marpha

November 19th 2009: Day 13 of Circuit More than halfway along the Annapurna Circuit now, this disparate crowd of trekkers has formed up into a cohesive amoeba that moves en masse from town to town. We are a bunch of English, a few Aussies, a scattered mix of Spanish, Canadians and me- the lone American […]

Spinning the Prayer Wheels in Kagbeni

November 18th 2009: Day 12 of Circuit It’s no wonder I got a great night of rest last night. Following the previous day’s grueling journey over the pass, my body was spent. Every joint in my body was aching and stiff, and as I lay in my bed this morning, I could tell that it […]

On the Eve of Crossing the Thorong La Pass

December 7, 2009Edit Delete Tag Autopost November 16th 2009: Day 11 of Circuit The past few days have been real grim. It’s been so miserably cold for so long, I can’t even remember what it feels like to be comfortable. And with the thin air has come a persistent sharp headache. My head is dizzy, […]

Snowstorm and Speculation in Manang

November 13th, 2009: Day 8 of Circuit That peaceful summertime weather is officially over. It’s wintertime now. Amazing how it’s happened in just 2 days. This morning I awoke to gentle falling snow outside my window. Last night was the first time since I’ve begun the trek that I’ve gotten a good night’s rest, and […]