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October 23: Three Days of Nirvana at Nagarkot

Since I’ve been in Nepal, whenever I’d speak of my plans to visit Nagarkot the Nepalese would always follow up with the exact same response: “Ooooh, Nagarkot– sunrise, very nice.” Lonely Planet mentions the sunrise experience as the main reason for visiting Nagarkot and says that few visitors stay for longer than a night. Situated […]

October 19: Living Like a Local During Diwali in Bhaktapur

Traveling alone can be lonely sometimes. I find myself craving interactions with fellow travelers. I see them at coffee shops, on the streets, or around my hotel, and I’ll say hi. Given the difficulty of existing in a foreign land, I imagine other travelers would be just as eager to reach out. But the irony, […]

October 17: Time-Traveling through Ancient Bhaktapur

Last sight out my window before going to bed was a bonfire in the street, around which several kids were playing some kind of gambling game. They were shouting and exchanging money, and my instinct told me that what they were doing was probably shady.  At 5 am I awoke to the stench of burning plastic, […]

A Taxi Ride

It’s just before sunset, which is right around the time when everyday all of Kathmandu loses power for an hour or two. It’s also when all across the city there is major congestion– so bad that the whole city becomes completely gridlocked and everyone just sits on their horn. I really should’ve left more than […]

October 12, 2009: Freak Street

At first I was a little bit disheartened when the guy at the front desk of my Thamel guest house told me that last night would be my final night with them. I felt like I was getting kicked out even though he explained they had reservations to honor. It was a good thing, I […]

October 11, 2009: An Encounter with the Ghandharba Musicians

I awoke this morning thinking I’d reached the end of my rope. This would be my last day in Thamel, I can’t take it any longer. It’s too intense, I hate cities, and this just isn’t the life for me. But then along my morning journey around these streets I come upon the curious Ghandharba […]

October 10, 2009: The Road to Durbar Square

The charm of Nepal has begun to reveal itself. After a great night of rest, I awoke with a smile in my heart. I meditate for a while and then emerge into the ever-bustling mayhem of Thamel looking for a breakfast joint. A handsome Nepali greaser quickly approaches me, “Namaste, how are you, I am […]

October 9, 2009: First Thoughts Upon Arrival in Kathmandu

Holy shit! What have I gotten myself into? These are the first thoughts that come to mind upon exiting the Tribuvan Airport in Kathmandu. My heart is racing and I’m immediately deathly-scared, probably looking like a deer in headlights, fearing I’ve blundered in epic proportions. My backpack and cello are heavy upon my back and […]

October 16: A Day of Little Miracles and Unexpected Events

My sleep cycles are all screwed up these days. I get tired early in the day, I go to bed early, but then from midnight till daybreak I just toss and turn. Usually I kid myself thinking I might actually sleep till 7, but today I cut my losses and decided to just get up […]

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