Laugh and Laugh and Fall Apart

November 8th, 2009: Day 3 of Circuit

As circumstance, or fate, would have it, the curious couple who I met last night in passing are staying in the same guest house as me tonight. On this great journey we are all moving in the same direction, and for many of us, the itinerary is basically the same. So you find yourself running into the same people each day. I’d been thinking about this couple during the day, and so I was happy to come across them again tonight.

I saw the young guy as he was browsing the menu in the dining room. We offered each other a smile and he came over to my table. He took a seat and we chatted a bit and instantly began laughing over simple silly things. He was just in the middle of explaining that they are from Czech Republic, taking a year off from college to travel, when his girlfriend arrived.

An icy-blue field of dark energy had come near. She stood there beside our table in a laser-beam trance staring into her boyfriend’s eyes, creating tunnel-vision telepathy, speaking without words. Her eyes were dark and mysterious. I perceived her movements attentively as if I were observing fine art or an actor. She’s ungodly beautiful – crazy blue eyes and blond hair in a wisp pulled back. I wonder if she’s as inaccessible as she looks and when I greet her, a gorgeous warm smile is sunlight bursting through dark clouds. Her name is Alysia.

She takes a seat and remains mostly quiet, with big almond eyes peering out from behind her scarf. Her jacket is magical blue and the colors seem to reflect in her pale skin, illuminating her in an angel’s blue light. I can’t tell if she’s wearing mascara of if her eyes are just naturally this deep and dark. They are the eyes of a gypsy. They could kill a man. And when discussing love, she fires back reflexively, “I don’t believe in true love”.

I could’ve observed her shimmering beauty all night but I had more fun enjoying her hilarious boyfriend, Lucas.

Lucas is clearly a bright guy– he seems interested in everything- he loves to laugh, he’s very silly- and yet he also strikes me as a wise student of life. Our energy rhythms were similar right out of the gate, and as we laughed and talked and shared, I was struck by the realization that rarely do I feel so happy and free with such a brief acquaintance.

The three of us spent many hours together that night cracking each other up with silly things. Lucas says Americans always say “awesome” and “cool”. After we recuperated from laughing long and hard about that– any sentence that contained either of those words was instantly hilarious and we’d all start keeling over laughing madly. The waiter at the restaurant taught us the words to a Nepali folk song, and the three of us practiced tenaciously in between bouts of laughter. And when Lucas began immiating Czech folk musicians and the folk dance they do I was completely falling apart. My jaws were tired, tears were in my eyes. I haven’t laughed this hard for a long while. Vital rivers of joy flowing through every cell.

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