Spontaneous Dance Party!

Nepal is a country that truly loves music and they love to dance.

I came across a vision the other day that I will never forget. It was the middle of the afternoon and I was walking along a trail through a quiet mountain village when I began hearing music that was becoming louder with each step. Extremely intrigued, I followed my ears and soon came upon the source of this music.

Perched upon a hillside in the middle of a wide-open field there was a psychedelic bus painted in many bright swirling colors. I stood beside the trail looking up at this bus but was still confused about why music was blasting out of it. I came a little closer and then it all made sense.

Gathered around the bus were 15 or so Nepali youth dancing with reckless abandon. Totally busting a move, these guys and girls were dancing so happy, so liberated, so completely enjoying themselves. Anyone familiar with the dance styles you see in the Indian Ballywood movies knows what I’m talking about. They can really boogie!

I stood there watching this scene with a big smile on my face, so happy to be witnessing this joyous spectacle. I loved that it was the middle of the afternoon in blasting hot sunlight, and all I could imagine is that this was a spontaneous dance party brought on by these kids’ simple need to get down.

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